A first foray…..

Hi everyone.

How to begin…? Well firstly I should tell you who I am and why I’m here.

My name is Tony Edwards. (Sorry it’s not something more exotic, as several promoters have pointed out, but more of that later). I’m a musician and luthier based in Fakenham, a small market town in the heart of rural Norfolk. As you can imagine, it can be a little difficult getting to know people when you’re in a new place, and miles from the city, so I thought I might try a little blogging to see who is out there, and if there might be some conversation to be had with similarly interested people.

I’ll share some of the interesting projects I have in the workshop, stories from the gigging circuit and maybe some thoughts on general music issues that arise from time to time. Plus I might ramble on a bit about woodworking in general, as it seems to take up a large portion of my time these days.

Oh, and football. I’ll try not to bang on too much about football, but I should warn you in advance that I’m a Hammer. Well I’m sure most of you know how up and down a life that can be..

I’ll try to keep it light and entertaining if I can. I’m not a professional writer and I don’t pretend to be, but feel free to criticise poor spelling, grammar and lousy content, because I do the same with my boys’ homework so I can hardly get precious about it!

So I hope I’ll see you here, Feel free to leave comments and generally get involved.

All the best


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