Pick up your “Six String Razor” (or More than just “Saturday Gigs”)

Need guitarist

If you understand the reference in the title of this post…..then I think this might just be the job for you!

Around the beginning of the summer of 2015, my good friend and long term co-conspirator Nigel Augur came to me with an idea. Could we put together a live band again, but to play some proper 70’s rock music and see if there was an audience for it. Not Glam, serious rock music.

So I called up an old friend, guitarist Bob Youngs, to come on board. (Now no-one  screams 70’s rock quite like Bob – right down to his two mid 70’s strats!) At the time it was simply a Saturday gig, a bit of fun, a side project. Bob has a demanding day job, but threw as much time into the project as he possibly could. The result of that is that we ended up in just a few weeks with a working, gigging 5 piece rock outfit, that quickly has become quite locally popular.

But success has forced a problem upon us – it’s no longer just a Saturday gig. With the need to work more regularly now an issue, Bob has volunteered to step aside to allow us to find a guitarist who can take on a heavier workload.

I want to put on record here our immense gratitude to Bob, because he has stuck heart and soul into it despite having learn songs in hotel rooms up and down the country and make journeys back from working in Edinburgh, Cornwall and Newcastle to get to gigs on a Friday night.  Also, he’s been an absolute gentleman in pledging to keep us going while his successor is found.

So now the quest to find a new guitarist begins

Are you the guitarist we are looking for? We don’t care about your age or experience- I’m 43, but both the bass player and Drummer are in their early 20’s.

What’s really important to us is that :

  1. You got the chops for the job – it’s a 5 piece with Hammond/Piano. All the lead work is yours. I don’t play any guitar at all, Nigel plays a little bit of acoustic. The bonus here is that you’re going to get a lot of opportunity to play, nobody will be planting their tank on your lawn.
  2. You’re a good rhythm player – you can sit into the groove.
  3. You have some presence on stage. You’re part of the band, and it’s very visual. That’s not a dressing up thing, you won’t be asked to wear a costume and platform heels! It’s just that we want a guitarist who wants to entertain as well as play.
  4. You have the right attitude – This band works very well on a personal level. Everyone has a ego, but it’s all kept in check because we understand that what we have is greater than the sum of it’s parts.
  5. You can learn songs fairly quickly.
  6. You are within reasonable reach of the King’s Lynn area or are prepared to travel, as that is the location for the rest of us!

So as you can see, we aren’t really asking for much! But while I can’t promise you fame or riches, the band is already there and working, and has a lot of potential to do well. We are planning an original EP for early next year, many more gigs and hopefully some festivals and bike rallies for next year.

Most importantly, although we are very professional in our attitude towards what we do – we are also having a lot of fun and the atmosphere in the camp is very good.

So here’s what to do if you want to be part of  this:

Send me an email at: tonyedwardsguitars@gmail.com

Or PM me on facebook (though that’s not quite as effective).

If you have any footage on Youtube or elsewhere, or audio online – stick in a link. Don’t worry if the sound quality isn’t too good, we aren’t worried about that, we just want to hear you play. Anything that gives us an idea of what you can do will help.

To give you an idea of what it’s all about – here are three early demos recorded at my small home studio:


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