Operation Watertight! TE Guitars is open for business!!

At the end of the year, I wrote that the workshop would be closing for a while for some remodelling to try to remove some persistent issues. So in early January I started the process of removing much of the tooling and woodstock so I could start to address the underlying weaknesses in the workshop.


I purchased a month of storage on January 4th – a shipping container, and filled it with much of the tooling over the following few days. I’d had Andy the pest controller in for a couple of months already, trying to clear the rats in the roof. But the bottoms of the wooden inner walls were wet so I decided to remove the bottom few inches to stop the wood drawing the water.

That’s when I found how bad the rat problem actually was.


This was what I found when I pulled out the metal work bench – the rats had got into the walls and were nesting with the insulation. No wonder I could smell them. As I started to pull away the bottom few inches, it was clear how much of the insulation had been torn up by the invaders. IMG_20180109_144533[1]

So the first priority had to be to clear the invasion – and before long the traps were full and the bait well decimated.

I got a tip from a friend – rats don’t like wire wool. They won’t chew it I’m told. So up on the roof to find the holes under the corrugated sheets that they were using. These were wedged full of heavy wire wool, and then held in place by surrounding it with expanding foam.


It’s a mess, but hopefully they won’t eat it!


Next job was to dry the workshop out and find a way to keep the floor dry. I decided to create a bund with path edging. To add to that, I cemented up the gaps in the frame that holds up the doors.


And then I had to wait. But not for long – the rain came, and came hard in a day or two. Soon a pool of water appeared in the corner of the workshop. But having felt behind the stones, the cement laid behind was dry.

So I searched around for the source of the water, and very soon I found that the water was dripping in through a gap the roof insulation. The roof had cracked, about 15″ across one sheet of the corrugated between the screw holes. So up on the roof I went, with some sealing paint. Finally, it started to dry out.

Bringing back the tools

It took three days in my car to bring everything back from storage – but four days ahead of schedule all the equipment was back in the workshop. It took another day or so to reorganise everything to the new layout and create some storage for tools that were in cabinets that are now being recycled.

This morning, the last tools were put back on the shelves, and the main part of the workshop is ready to go. Tony Edwards Guitars is back in business!!


There’s more space, less clutter – and no water! OK, there’s no spray booth yet – I’m still rebuilding the extraction system as that was pretty soaked and the wiring had been chewed. But pretty much anything else, I can do!

Thanks for your patience – I know customers have been waiting to bring in repairs. Bring them all in now, I can’t wait to get started again.


2 thoughts on “Operation Watertight! TE Guitars is open for business!!

  1. What a palaver! Wire wool to keep away rats – that’s a new one. I have found that effective rat prevention strategies include placing anything you don’t want chewed at from underneath on a pad of concrete at least 4″ thick. And a Jack Russell terrier. The latter may also be used as a mobile self-0warming hot-water bottle.


    1. Yeah, it has been a bit of pain. I think I have them under control now, but the next few weeks will be instructive 😉
      the wire wool doesn’t keep them away as such, but apparently they won’t chew it, so if it’s in the holes then they won’t come in that way…..
      We’ll see.


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