The Woodworker….

So this is me, the Woodworker and the Hellraiser…….


OK, that’s half true. I was a hellraiser once, for about 6 hours. After that crazy night on a US airbase drinking Prairie Fire (tequila with a liberal dash of Tabasco Sauce), and the hangover that inevitably followed it, my hellraising days were definitely over! But don’t tell anyone, I have an image to maintain!

The woodworker bit is however, entirely accurate. Well it is now anyway. If my Father were still alive, I’m sure the shock of seeing me with a finely sharpened chisel might well have killed him! Really, I wasn’t very practical as a child, or in fact as an adult at times either. But I always messed around with Electronics, especially Valve guitar amps, and of course guitars.

Back in the 80’s when I was growing up, only one of us actually owned a proper electric guitar. My mate Stuart had a real Fender Stratocaster. The rest of us had relatively cheap Japanese copies, often ones from the 70’s. Robin had a Hondo, I had  Satellite. Mine was easily the duffer of the bunch! Over the following years I bought more cheap knock-offs and Friday afternoon instruments, all the time learning how to get a bit more from them. Electronics got changed, pickups replaced. Eventually necks and bodies were spliced together from wrecks, re-finishing with car paints, locking tremolos were added. That’s partly how I learned my trade.

Then I got smart, and I bought a Les Paul. And that was it. I did a few repairs for people, some for myself. But the extreme hot-rodding stopped because I had my dream guitar.

As the years went by I got bored with having the same guitar as everyone else, so I sold my Les Paul Custom (because I’m a bit impetuous), bought some tools, and made my first totally hand made guitar. That was in 2009. I was already back to being a professional musician, guitar tech and teacher, had a solo album out and a band to push it, it seemed like the last logical step.

So there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then, a lot of guitars built and now a move to a new workshop. I’ve learned loads along the way, about how to do things and how not to! About guitars, about music, about bands, about the music biz.

Hope you enjoy visiting the blog.


All the best


June 2015


p.s. The Whisky bit (or Whiskey, or even Bourbon) – it’s absolutely true.



One thought on “The Woodworker….

  1. john saint

    hi Tony thankyou for teaching me the small.bit I now. know .Thamk you for my guitar which I make a noise on most days so I hope 2018 is a very good year for . p.s I must now learn blanket on the ground as all booked for September to play for the mrs

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